Our induction hobs for cooking are fast, safe and efficient. We are interested in taking care of you and your family.

  • Safety: imagine that one day you forget to place the container on the plate, do not worry, that in those cases the hob will go off by itself. In addition, it hardly generates heat in the glass and disappears quickly when it is turned off, which will reduce the risk of burns. Something we know is very important for small and old people. They also have a locking system to prevent children from turning it on.

  • Speed: time is a precious commodity for that reason, our induction plates reduce the preheating time in half, compared to the glass ceramic.

  • Efficiency: These kitchens are designed to generate energy in producing heat with a saving of 45%

  • Cleaning: The glass is heated very little compared to a glass ceramic plate, so food or liquid discharged do not stick and cleaning is much easier.